When you’re with a client, who is taking care of your business? 


Artes Erunt can provide you with a range of administrative help ad hoc or provide longer term assistance if required.  We have years of experience at your disposal. 


We can deal with all the day to day things while you get on and do what only you can do. 


If you're just starting out, you may need help and advice to set up systems that will grow as your business does.  In our experience, it is much easier to do things right from the outset, and not have to unpick errors later.  





There is a cost to acquire a new client but retaining one adds to your bottom line.  Often, you get so busy searching for the next one that you don't have time to pay the attention to your current clients that they need.


We can be their point of contact.  We can ensure that you exceed their expectations in all respects.  Providing good service is essential to keeping the clients you have and generating goodwill.






You may want to host a party for your clients or staff, or simply need to have the Board Meeting off site.


You can have as little or as much involvement in the planning of your event as you want.  You can give us an outline and leave it to us to organise, making sure that you get what you want.  Above all, your event must be memorable for the right reasons.


We are experienced facilitators of World Café meetings.  If you’re not familiar with the term, it is a way of harnessing the knowledge of the participants to come to decisions which everyone can support.  We’ve done it for many clients, including UNESCO and the Executives' Association of Great Britain.






We have moved small businesses many times and know how important it is to minimise downtime. 


You may even want to set up an office in the London area.  We can find accommodation for staff as well as find a suitable office space, furnish it, and have everything up and running so that when you arrive in London, you are ready for business.


At Artes Erunt, we know that a move is more than just a physical relocation:  it also involves adjusting to a whole new culture, and sometimes, a new language.  We can provide you with cross cultural coaching so that you know what to expect, thereby helping to make any move a less stressful and happier experience.

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